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Blog  /  Business  /  Fidor Bank and PayDo Collaborates to Enhance Global Payment Infrastructure
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Fidor Bank and PayDo Collaborates to Enhance Global Payment Infrastructure

Time to read: 2 minute(s)

International online banking PayDo is happy to  announce a collaboration with the leading bank of Germany – Fidor.
We hope our cooperation will improve the online payment infrastructure and help popularize online payments across Europe and throughout the world.
The expansion of the network of correspondents allows our business clients to use all the advantages of European banking, optimize the flow of payments, facilitate entry into new sales markets, minimize fraud, and allow customers to use one of the most promising payment instruments.
In addition, the collaboration will improve the quality and speed of SEPA, SWIFT, and Target2 payments, expand the range of services provided to individuals and corporate clients, and process both traditional card payments and alternative methods.

The PayDo payment solutions

PayDo is the leading internet banking for individuals and various internet businesses, offering an e-wallet, European IBAN, and merchant account for personal and corporate needs.
The company accepts, processes, and sends payments from 170+ countries with 350+ payment methods, including Internet acquiring.
One of the most significant PayDo features is PayDo Quick Checkout. It is a user-friendly, secure payment page that allows merchants to collect payments quickly. It works across devices and is designed to increase the conversion rate.
Opening a PayDo account for paying for goods and services is completely free and takes only a few minutes.
Services provided by the company:

  • European bank account (IBAN) for UK and international clients;
  • Online multicurrency wallet;
  • Many payment instruments, as well as types of payments (card acquiring, international and local e-wallets, Internet banking, cash, terminals, bank transfers);
  • Withdrawal via bank transfers to Visa / Mastercard and e-wallets via SEPA, SWIFT, Target2, local bank transfers.
  • Mass withdrawals both through the web interface and through the API;
  • No reference to the client’s country of residence. Registration is available for UK and international clients;
  • Almost worldwide availability for individuals and legal entities, as well as fast verification of projects.

Get access to SEPA, SWIFT, Target2

One may ask, “Are PayDo payments safe?”
A high level of security is achieved by complying with PCI DSS standards and built-in anti-fraud solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can be sure – all operations are fast, secure, and without hidden fees.

Why Fidor?

Fidor Bank, headquartered in Munich, was founded in 2009. It is a digital bank that aims to improve the banking infrastructure and introduce advanced services. The bank also works closely with clients, allowing them to participate in the bank’s decision-making processes actively.
Fidor is one of the most innovative banks globally, having received several international awards for its unconventional and transparent approach to banking, its activities in the field of financial technology and innovation. In 2020, Forbes magazine included Fidor bank in the list of the best banks in the world.
We adhere to the principles of first-class service and are committed to continuous development of the platform.
If you are interested in the solutions provided by PayDo, please fill out the feedback form and we will contact you within a few minutes.

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