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How to register a business in 2021?

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When you first start your own business, you immediately face the need to find answers to a huge number of questions. Of course, you can think about releasing goods, establishing relationships with suppliers, various ways to attract customers, but first of all, you need to register your own business to make your company 100% legal.
How to register a company name and how much will you have to pay for this service? You will know everything right now.

Think about the business structure

Very important step. You should think it over and make a good decision to avoid problems with filing a tax return or incurring unnecessary liability for the debts of your company.
For example, when you choose a partnership, you will be doing business with other people. The division of responsibility will depend on the form of partnership you choose. For example, in a Limited Partnership (LP), one person is usually personally responsible. If the LLP form is chosen, all partners will be liable for debts, but only as part of their contribution to the company.
In order to maximize the protection of your assets from any problems with your business, you should choose C-Corp. However, note that in this case, you will have to pay double taxes – on the profits of the company and the dividends. There are advantages and disadvantages, but the final choice will depend on you.

Decide on the address of the company

In this case, it is not a question of buying into ownership or renting a building of interest to you, from which your company will conduct business. We are talking about the legal address of the company, to which all the documents will come, and which will be specified when opening a bank account.

Select a name for your company and register it.

If you are creating a corporation and LLC, the registration of a business name will relate to the general registration process. If you have chosen an individual business, you may need to apply to the DBA.
Before you go through the name registration process, make sure it is free and can be your company name.

Do not forget about registration with other agencies

When registering with the federal agencies has already been completed, ask specialists if you need to register with local agencies. Clarify all the nuances in advance, so that later it will not surprise you and will not take much time.

Make sure that you have received all the necessary permits and licenses.

Only when you realize that you have all the necessary licenses and customer service permits you can really start your business and work with clients. Without them, there will be no profit.
However, there are another important issue that you should think about – payments. If you do not solve all the issues with payments, your company will not be competitive in the market and will not be able to provide services at a high level.
However, you should not worry, because PayDo has already taken care of everything. We provide more than 350 methods of payment for goods and services, the most popular methods of payment and receiving funds. Working with us is not only convenient and safe but also maximally profitable, because our rates are among the lowest in the market. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, you can be safe for a high level of protection against fraud.
Pay attention to the issues of business registration and customer service, and PayDo will take all the necessary steps on the organization of payment acceptance.

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