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Blog  /  Business  /  PayDo increased the safety and speed of payments for Wyrel
Bank Account for High Risk Business

PayDo increased the safety and speed of payments for Wyrel

Time to read: < 1 minutes

7th November, London — PayDo, a UK-based virtual banking solution, and merchant services with a strong focus on its own e-wallet feature, started to operate Wyrel payments.

PayDo solution offers Wyrel virtual banking and merchant account in 1 platform. PayDo supports multi currency money transfers to pay employees, contractors and suppliers.

At the same time, PayDo checkout – advanced merchant services with a wide range of payment schemes and more than 200 supported currencies. It would help Wyrel to scale up the business accessibility for the customers and organize the more smooth operational activity. All of the above points are crucial for the digital products industry due to international sales, vulnerability to fraud and chargebacks.
PayDo checkout offers local and international payment schemes with smart shopper journey including detecting the best payment schemes according to consumer Geography and preferences.It boosts conversion, coverage and security of payments.

PayDo is FCA licensed & Complied with PCI DSS Level 1 requirement so its solution would increase the safety of the payments and lower the fraud because of its anti fraud and smart KYC step.

WYREL is an e-commerce shop for gamers, who are looking for transparent and honest deals with the trade of game-related products. Its services include customer support, simple verification and safe payments.

“Providing digital goods globally might be challenging, making some payments might be very painful, believe me. Hopefully we are able to improve the customer experience and lower down the fraud degree because of our verified ecosystem.” admitted Serhii Zakharov, founder and CEO at PayDo.

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