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Payment gateways for SMM Agencies: How to scale up smoothly

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Probably, you started your business as a freelancer or decided to set up the Agency from scratch. We’ve prepared some tips and firmly believe that this article might be helpful for you if you are going to work worldwide.

Starting the SMM Agencies might be challenging: you should find some place, employees, customers, ideas, and even payment methods to do it correctly. Everything seems ok while you keep working locally yet everybody wants to build up a global company. Here are some points you should pay attention to while looking for a payment provider and gateway for an SMM agency. As an owner / senior manager of a client-oriented business, you are very familiar that timing matters. Your client won’t wait very long so you need to do it fast.

PayDo business account

Have you gotten used to remote jobs? Fully remote account opening and digital business. It shouldn’t stop you from entering the lucrative UK and European market anymore! PayDo allows you to open a virtual bank account with EU IBAN. PayDo offers United Kingdom, Germany, international (IBAN) accounts in addition to local UK and Denmark accounts with the account numbers and sort code. Having a virtual account is a more comfortable way to interact with non banks and definitely saves you a lot of time.


Here at PayDo we perfectly understand all the needs of the modern company operating firstly in virtual space. So we put a lot of effort in order to develop a smooth onboarding way for our customers. You will get the exact list of documents from the beginning, and get constant feedback from the verification and support team to make sure that everything is safe and clear. Typically the project consideration takes from 5 to 7 business days.

Local and international PAYMENTS SCHEMES

After the project consideration if everything goes well we sign up the contract and you will pay for some onboarding fee. This action initiates integration into the system so that once you’ve got in you will have access to all PayDo payment schemes including:

  • SEPA,
  • SWIFT,
  • TARGET2,
  • FPS,
  • CHAPS,
  • BACS,
  • Visa,
  • Mastercard OCT, and others.


As a globally operating SMM Agencies, you might make invoices in different currencies With PayDo FX you will have transparent real-time currency exchange with predictable rates. So you can hold, convert, receive and transfer any of 35+ currencies – at any time and from anywhere.


Sounds great? That’s not all we’ve got for you today. We at PayDo appreciate the employees’ impact to push your business forward. That’s why we developed the Mass Payment feature to help PayDo users settle their customers via API or bulk payment to PayDo e-wallets or bank card accounts.

Altogether we provide you with a unique all-in-one payment solution to organize the digital banking, payment gateway, and mass payments for your employees. All you need is to contact us and get more detailed information and start your verification process right away!

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