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PayDo increased the safety and speed of payments for Wyrel

Services for digital markets with PayDo business account

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The global audience of gamers on all video gaming platforms exceeds 2 billion people: one in four people on the planet plays. And this number is constantly growing because of the young people who have been using the mobile Internet almost since birth.
Much of the credit for the popularity of the games lies in visual customization. The player is offered many ways to express his personality: unique skin, clothing, weapons, and other virtual goods for RPG and MMORPG project owners.
Supporting PC, browser and multi platform projects.
The main point of skins is that they serve as a substitute for the visual and at the same time are significantly different from their usual appearance. Skins have no effect on the characteristics of the characters or their objects and serve only as an element of customization.
Reselling digital products, activation keys ? No problem, our anti-fraud system will save you money since we know the main issues of each business we support.

PayDo is a payment operation partner of some industry’s whales. As you probably know, the PayDo solution offers E-wallet, EU IBAN, and Merchant account in 1 dashboard and it is the ultimate solution if you are working with digital goods. We’ve investigated the industry a lot and here are some points that are really important.


PayDo is FCA licensed & Complied with PCI DSS Level 1 requirement so its solution would increase the safety of the payments and lower the fraud because of its anti-fraud and smart KYC step. Moreover, we monitor transactions in real-time in order to supply customers with a friendly and safe system.
For our verified customers we propose a killer feature – 1 click-payment. It is a safe and fast way to acquire virtual goods. This solution turns down the pretty boring page of re-re-re-verifications of the payments.

Payment Schemes

As we admitted above this is a global trend in gamification so your business might get money from around the world. Once your project has got verified into the PayDo system you will access all the payment schemes we got at once! You definitely would stop losing money because of the payment that you can’t obtain for different reasons.

PayDo business account

No matter if your business is located outside of Europe! We propose United Kingdom, Germany international (IBAN) accounts supporting SEPA, SWIFT, TARGET2 in addition to local UK and Denmark accounts with the account numbers and sort code. Getting an IBAN is the only way to operate legally as a merchant on the European markets. All you need is to contact us and get more detailed information.
Our solution includes a multicurrency approach: you can hold, convert, receive and transfer any of 35+ currencies.


PayDo is virtual banking, mass payments, acquiring, settlements, and e-wallet payments all delivered on one dashboard. Manage your business through the client interface, where all payment information is collected. Keep track of transaction statuses, create reports and export required data. PayDo is in some way the financial heart of your business.

We perfectly understand the specifics of the digital goods business. Our solution experience shows a decrease in chargebacks and fraud rates and improves the speed and accessibility of payments. It is easy to start working with us – just contact us for extra details and to start the customization of your business heart.

Inc started processing the payments via PayDo
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