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The future of contactless payments

Top payment processing companies in 2021

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You have a website and you are ready to offer your products to customers. All that remains is to decide which company to entrust with payment processing. One way or another, without a payment processor you will not be able to sell a single product through your own site, which means that your company’s site will not be able to generate profit.
When choosing a processor, you should pay attention to how long the company has been on the market, what features it is willing to provide and what commissions it is willing to offer you. In addition, you should not forget about security.
In this article, we will tell you which companies are the most famous in the payments market and which of them you can trust.



There is probably not a single person in this world who has never heard of this company. And it doesn’t matter what country in the world you live in, because PayPal provides its services all over the world.
PayPal not only provides quality payment processing services, but also access to a convenient digital wallet, which is already actively used by more than 305 million users in the world.
All companies PayPal provides the most favorable and absolutely transparent prices. Herewith setting up and using this system is very easy, it integrates with any software and applications. Specialists of this company are always on line and ready to help in any way they can.

Amazon Payamazonpay

This company provides a huge number of tools for e-commerce. If a customer has an Amazon account, he can use it to pay on the site. It is very easy and convenient to do so, and it does not take much time.
This company will provide great rates and support at any stage of the partnership.

Google Pay


If you have an Android-powered smartphone at hand and have the Google Pay app installed on it, you won’t experience any problems with paying for items. Any payments are made contactless. It’s possible to link your card to the app to make payments from your mobile device even faster and easier. Also, users can safely store all payment information and view the history of their purchases if necessary.

Apple Pay


This company offers its users just as many options as Google Pay. Just point your smartphone at the payment terminal and press a button. After that, the payment will be made and you won’t lose a minute of precious time.



This service is often chosen by representatives of small businesses due to very inexpensive payment processing fees. However, the relative cheapness in no way affects the high quality of the service and the opportunities the company is ready to provide.
The developers of Due decided to go beyond simple payment processing and provide a service that combines tools for successful project management, billing, time tracking and many other interesting features.



Thanks to special innovative options such as magnetic stripe and contactless chip readers, the mobile device is capable of becoming a full-fledged payment processor.
This company is truly innovative and offers solutions that no one offered before it. For example, it has smart inventory tools and a system that can not only process payments, but also accept deposits from customers.
Also worth noting are features like smart scheduling, special time-sheets and more.



With this company, you can use both off-the-shelf solutions for accepting payments and customize a cash register based on your needs and capabilities. This company also offers quite a few interesting forms of payment acceptance. If you want, using the Stripe platform, you can allow your site to save your customer’s card information so that when the customer comes back to you again, they won’t have to re-enter all of their payment details.



Provides simple and convenient debit and credit card processing, as well as PayPal payments. The system works in 196 countries and is compatible with all computers. By choosing to use 2checkout, you eliminate the need to pay for installation and pay a monthly fee.



This processor is the best for Bitcoin users, because it allows you to instantly exchange the world’s main cryptocurrency for dollars when you have a BitPay card. This convenient wallet allows you to quickly track any expenditure and access all your money on a single platform. Guarantees high security of payments and storage of funds.

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