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Blog  /  Business  /  What is proof of account ownership?
What is a merchant ID?

What is proof of account ownership?

Time to read: < 1 minutes

Proof of account ownership is an official letter from a bank or other financial institution stating that your bank account is registered in your name, along with the relevant banking information.

Why do you need to have proof of account ownership?

When a merchant opens an e-commerce store or changes bank details for an existing project, they need to provide proof of account ownership. This document allows them to start accepting payments to a new account.
This document is required for various procedures, for example, changing a payment provider, or processing documents in government agencies.

How do I get proof of account ownership?

If you are a PayDo customer, you can download a PDF document from your personal account in the “Bank details” section for each balance you own.
The statement includes your account number, SWIFT code, and other information

proof of account ownership

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