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What makes online banking so popular?

Time to read: 4 minute(s)

It is good to have a bank account on the Internet, as well as money on it. After all, in this case, using the best online bank, you can quickly send any payment, even without leaving the territory of your own home.
Today, it is no longer possible to meet a person who would not know what a free online bank account is and what it is needed for.
Statista says that there are 1,9 billion online banking users worldwide, and in 2024 this number will reach 2,4 billion users.
After all, every day our life is getting faster, we have to do many essential things in a limited amount of time. Therefore, we often do not have the opportunity to visit a bank and stand in line for a long time. We want to do everything quickly and easily. And here, online banking comes to the rescue.
In this article, we will analyze why online banking has become so popular.

The main reasons why online banking has gained the popularity

Prompt payment of bills

We must pay bills all the time. But unfortunately, we often have to keep a lot of thoughts in our heads, and we often forget to pay our bills on time.
Using online banking has made it possible to minimize the likelihood of not paying bills on time. If you often have to pay bills to the same company, you can create a template and not waste time filling out these fields. You’ll have to select the template to send the payment.
If you know the date when you need to send the payment but are afraid of forgetting about it, you can always set up an automatic payment. An automatic payment is optimal if you pay amounts that don’t differ much from each other on roughly the same dates.
You can also give the company permission to debit a specific amount on a particular day of the month. Setting up such deductions is not too difficult. The most important thing is to specify the correct beneficiary account, or else the money will be sent to the wrong address all the time.

Monitor your transactions 24/7

Another reason to love online banking is that you can now access your account history in just a couple of clicks. If you have no way to remember when you spent a certain amount of money, viewing your transaction history can help you remember it.
You may suspect that illegal transactions have been made on your account. If you don’t have online banking, you will have to call the bank or visit a branch to resolve the issue. You don’t need to do this anymore because online banking will give you a clear view of all transactions. This also applies to pending transactions that are still pending and are being investigated.

Fast and reliable transfer of funds

If you need to send money to another account urgently, that’s another reason to love online banking. Forget about using expensive services that charge enormous fees for transfers. Now everything has become much easier, and you won’t have to visit the bank in person to make such a simple transaction.

Depositing money with online banking is easy

Every one of us strives to raise money for a dream. For example, to buy a new car or even a house. All this requires saving money, preferably at a reasonable interest rate, and not spending it. If you start with a small amount, you are unlikely to visit the bank personally and waste time in lines. It is much easier and more convenient to go online banking and open a new deposit. In the future, you will also be able to replenish it and withdraw the interest and the entire amount at the end of the deposit.
Another advantage of online banking is that the requirements for savings accounts are less stringent, so using online banking, you can make a deposit starting with a smaller amount than if you went to the bank in person. As with the movement of money through the accounts, you’ll also be able to watch your deposit grow very conveniently.

Online banking in your pocket

Not all of us can be at a computer all the time and have access to the Internet. People are busy, and the only device we have at hand is our smartphone. And that’s great because most banks offer users mobile applications, which are very easy to install on your smartphone, and get access to about 80% of all transactions without even having to visit the bank.
Even if you urgently need to perform some banking operation, you have only 1 minute, but with a smartphone with the bank’s app in hand, you can do any task. But there’s one crucial thing you need to keep in mind. Before you download a mobile app to your smartphone, make sure you see that it was created by your bank and not by any third-party developer.
Today, many fraudsters take advantage of the inattention and gullibility of bank customers by creating very similar applications to official online banking, which steal passwords and logins. Never download such applications to your device.

Very convenient budget management

Another reason that makes online banking popular is the ability to manage the budget very conveniently, quickly, and efficiently.
Not all of us can manage our budgets, which often leads to incredibly huge expenses. After all, it’s no secret that if you constantly fail to track your spending and allow yourself to spend emotionally buying items you don’t need, you can lose control over your budget. Money will start going out faster than you can manage to earn it. That’s why it’s so important to control your budget, especially your spendings.
Speaking of which, you can always look for apps on AppStore and Google Play that are great for budgeting for the whole family. With these apps, you can combine your account with your partner’s in just a few clicks, saving a considerable percentage of the family budget that used to go to unexpected expenses.

Wrapping up

The main advantage of Internet banking is convenience, which allows any user to receive any service via the Internet worldwide. This is what makes many practical people who value their time migrate online. In addition, these services are reliably protected from any fraudulent activities.
If you want to accept, store, and withdraw funds with ease, PayDo is happy to provide a ready-to-use financial management platform.
We provide Internet banking services to both individuals and legal entities around the world.

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Online Banking: Digital Trends for 2022
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