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How to send money abroad? A complete guide

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How to send money abroad? Where can I find the best way to send money abroad?
If you think that these are all the questions that someone who is planning to make a money transfer to another country for the first time needs answers, you would be wrong. Suppose you have not yet used the services of any of the companies. In that case, you are faced with a tough choice. Each of them offers different conditions, and some sound extraordinary fees that are not always understood even by an experienced user. But don’t worry, it is much easier to send money abroad than it may seem. Right now, you will get a comprehensive guide with answers to all the questions you need to know to transfer money abroad smoothly and without problems.
We’ll take a look at how you can make an international money transfer, explain what factors you need to pay attention to before finally choosing one company or another, etc.

What methods are available right now?

You can probably guess that there are several ways to transfer money overseas, and most of them are not secrets at all. The easiest and most common way is to send money over the Internet. After all, what can be easier than to take a few minutes and not have to go anywhere, literally in a couple of clicks, sending a money transfer to the recipient? You can also use the services of any fintech company that provides money transfer services. These companies may not be as well known as banks, but they are the ones that most often implement innovative technologies to make transfers smoothly, quickly, and at best possible feed for the user.
If you do not like to perform financial transactions via the Internet, you can always use the traditional way by contacting the nearest bank branch, which provides this service. But keep in mind that you will need to stand in line at the cash desk and wait for the bank employee to prepare all the necessary documents. If you go to the bank and want to transfer money that you have in cash, you do not need to open an account for this. By the way, many users prefer to act this way.
Another way to send money, which is gaining popularity, are Forex brokers. However, it is worth noting that such companies do not always agree to transfer small amounts of money because they are not profitable. Be sure to consider this point if you apply to them for a money transfer.
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Is it safe to transfer money abroad?

As a rule, if you apply to well-known banks or other well-known financial institutions, you guarantee the safety of transfers because the activity of such companies is regulated, and they will never sacrifice their reputation and cheat their clients.
With less-known firms, everything is much more difficult, so if you intend to use the services of such companies, you will need to find out more information about them, in particular, whether their activities are legal and what organizations it is regulated by, and whether the firm has all the necessary licenses. You should also familiarize yourself with the reviews of this firm from existing clients if any. Only look for such studies should be on neutral and independent resources, and not read them on the company’s website itself.
Never and under no circumstances should you contact a firm whose activities are not regulated and do not have the necessary licenses. If you do so, you take a high risk that you will not get your money back.

What costs will I incur when I transfer money?

Before you finally decide on the company whose services you will use, you need to be clear about what costs you will incur. The first part of the costs will be the exchange rate. It is the exchange rate that makes it clear how much you can buy one currency for another. It is essential because you are making an international money transfer. It will become clear how favorable the exchange rate will be how much money the recipient will receive.
One should realize realize that many firms do not give you the real exchange rate, but the rate with an additional markup that they charge for their work. Very often, this is a sin of firms that provide their services ostensibly without commission.
The difference between the real exchange rate and the one with their additional charge may be so substantial that the customer would be happy to pay the commission.
So how can you protect yourself from the risks of cooperation with dishonest companies who add a substantial markup to the exchange rate? The answer is obvious when making a transfer, you need to keep track of the real exchange rate through verified sources, such as Reuters, Google, or other verified and well-known websites.
The second part of the cost when transferring money abroad is to pay fees. These fees are necessary for the company primarily to cover its operating expenses, such as renting the premises, paying staff salaries, etc.
It is essential to understand that not all firms initially tell clients what fees they will need to pay. An employee of the company may include these costs as part of the transaction, and you will pay everything in one sum. It is not the best option for you. It is much more convenient when the company tells the customer right away what kind of commission they will pay for the transfer of a certain amount because this way, you can plan your expenses and be protected from surprises.

Find out your money transfer deadlines in advance.

If you choose to transfer money within the same bank or country, you should know that you will receive your money immediately and without delay in most cases. If we are talking about transferring funds between different countries, you will first need to ask the company how quickly the transfer will arrive. After all, while some companies transfer money in just a few minutes, others will take up to 5 days. For the second option, think about whether you have that amount of time at your disposal beforehand. You may be better off using another company. In addition, note that if you make the transfer on a holiday or a weekend, this can greatly affect the time of receipt.

Convenience and Simplicity

It is not uncommon to hear that transferring money abroad is something complicated and difficult to do. It may have been true many years ago, and you would have to necessarily go to the bank, fill out a vast number of documents and wait for your turn. Today, however, everything is much easier, and you don’t even need to let your smartphone out of your hands to make a money transfer. All you need to do is download a particular application from any well-known financial institution and then spend a couple of minutes specifying all the details for sending and simple registration. You only need to have a debit card, and you don’t even need to open a bank account to send money fast in this way.

The way of receiving a transfer

In addition to all of the above factors, it is also important to consider what methods of receiving a transfer it offers when choosing a company. Naturally, most often, such transfers are transferred directly to a card or an account, but it may be convenient for the recipient to receive the money in cash or through a courier at home. If this is the case, find out in advance whether it provides such a service.
Also, remember to consider the laws of the countries you are sending money to and the laws of your own country. In particular, some countries limit the amount of money you can send without submitting a report. If this limit is exceeded and you do not provide any documentation, it may result in considerable trouble for you in the future.

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