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What is a Virtual Terminal?

Top 3 eCommerce payment methods 2022

It’s no secret that to increase sales, you need to know best e-commerce payment methods customers choose. Only by emphasizing an e commerce payment system that is popular with customers will you give them the choice, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

It would seem to be very simple. Negotiate with reputable eCommerce payment providers and generate sales growth ahead of all your competitors. There’s just one problem. Not all payment methods will prove to be cost-effective for your company in terms of fees and other charges.

In other words, you can spend a lot of money on processing payments, which will certainly affect the profits you receive.

To avoid this, in this article we will consider the best payment gateways that make payment acceptance not only simple and clear, but also as profitable as possible. What is payment gateway? It’s important to understand that some payment gateways give you the ability to accept credit card payments both offline and online, handle POS payments efficiently, and provide other features. Not all payment gateways are equally profitable for your company

Sometimes payment gateways simply allow you to charge your card. It’s important to keep in mind that the fee you’ll pay for each transaction will range from 1.4% to 3.5%. There is an important nuance here – when you open a trading account, the level of commission you will pay will drop to 0.10 – 0.20% per transaction.

Which payment gateway is better to choose? If your company is just starting out, in the short term it’s best to focus on a simple gateway so that you don’t have to pay more each month than the profits your business generates. When your company’s sales grow substantially, however, the monthly fee will become more favorable to you. Bear in mind that a profitable business cannot go without IBAN bank account.

Also, pay attention to your needs and the options of  payment methods for e-commerce sites. You will have to pay extra for some of them, and you need to assess whether you need them right now.

The most popular payment gateways

In order to avoid overpaying, but still provide your customers with the most options, take a closer look at the following payment gateways, which have long been world-renowned:


Founded in 1998, this company has managed to make an incredible journey from a small firm to a market leader in online payments. This payment system serves commercial companies all over the world. Not only does it offer a wide range of features, but it’s also easy to integrate and customize. Companies pay 2.9% per transaction, while there is no monthly fee. This is the reason why this payment system will be optimal for a firm with a small volume of transactions.


Every year this payment system processes transactions worth billions of dollars. At least, that’s what the company itself claims. Whether this is true or not, but it is unequivocally clear that this platform offers great opportunities for online business. The peculiarity of this platform is the presence of a huge number of important tools that allow companies to set up the payment process in the best possible way.

For European sellers, the company has set a more loyal commission of 1.4% + 20 pence per transaction. Non-European cards are charged a higher fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents for processing payments. That’s no more than most competitors, though. In addition, Stripe offers personalized service to companies that make large volumes.

The main mission of this company is to make payments as simple and convenient as possible. Its terms and conditions are great for both large and small firms. This company gives you all the online payment methods in e-commerce you need to accept payments. In addition, the platform is 100% compatible with the most popular payment services such as Visa Checkout, PayPal and Apple Pay.

Accept transactions worldwide quickly and easily. Fees will depend on the plan you choose. The simplest plan is to choose a payment gateway exclusively. You’ll need to pay a $25 fee each month and a daily package fee of 10 cents + 10 cents per transaction.

The most expensive plans are for large corporations, but at the same time the company is willing to offer firms with large volumes more options and customized service terms. There are also alternative payment methods e-commerce used to save money.

And these are not all of the payment gateways that are worth considering for cooperation. However, if you want to always get the best rates and features, make your choice in favor of PayDo.

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