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Meet PayDo — One of the best checkout payment services for business

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PayDo is a payment service provider located in the United Kingdom. We offer virtual banking services to companies classified as high-risk.

If you work in gambling, forex, traffic arbitrage, trading, or or the betting area, then opening an account on our website is exactly what you need.

PayDo offers “Quick Checkout”, a powerful payment gateway for your high-risk company website. This tool allows your clients to register their e-wallets with PayDo during the initial payment procedure WITHOUT leaving your website. All other transactions made simple, pay with just one click!

This will skyrocket your conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Get your IBAN online after a clear and simple verification process!

Register your account in a few clicks and get it verified shortly after. Have we missed a spot? Don’t worry, our sales team will contact you and offer solutions. Unlike traditional European banks, we do not require your physical presence. You don’t even have to register your company in the EU. Get your IBAN and start to send and receive international transfers via SEPA, Target2, and SWIFT.

You can even choose your IBAN country.

Choose among our British, German or Danish IBAN to make international transactions like the local one.

Why do entrepreneurs love to deal with us?

  • High withdrawal speed: withdraw all your earned money in up to 7 days. It’s 2x faster than most of our competitors..
  • “Quick Checkout” lets you collect payments using 350+ payment methods in 200+ currencies. Sell your products and services globally.
  • Use mass payments to easily pay your employees, subcontractors, freelancers, cash prize winners, etc. Paying to thousands is almost the same as paying to one: quick and easy!

So if you run a gaming business, you’ll definitely appreciate our winning combination. Globalise your business with our payment solutions and free your mind from bureaucracy.

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