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How to accept mobile payments on a website?

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You do not know how to accept mobile payments yet? In this case, there is bad news for you. After all, more than half of all buyers in the world have long used these payments to pay for goods. What does it mean for your company? If you don’t give buyers the opportunity to pay using mobile payments, you will lose in the competition to the companies, which follow the market dynamics and consumers’ preferences.
And now, the good news. There are dozens of different technologies of mobile payments in the world, so you will have to choose which of them are the most popular and to provide access to them.
In this article, we’ll deal with you how to accept mobile payments in different ways.



If your company is interested in a mobile credit card processor, this option will cost you only $12.95 per month. You will get all the equipment you need for successful credit card reading absolutely free. Also, do not forget that you have to pay 1.75% of your total sales.
Thanks to this system, your customers will be able to successfully pay for purchases with credit cards from almost all banks, and then view receipts on your e-mail.



Who said that credit card processing should be a complex and incomprehensible process? This company has done everything possible to simplify the acceptance of mobile payments. With Square you won’t need trading accounts, no contracts and you won’t even pay every month for services.
The company makes a link to the client’s bank accounts, accepting payments from all companies that issue credit cards.
If the company does not charge customers monthly, then what does it live on?
Due to the increased commission of 2.75% per transaction. Thus, if you regularly plan to use this service, it is unlikely to be the right solution from a financial point of view. However, if you plan to accept mobile payments from time to time, Square will be an excellent choice.

PayPal Here


If you look at the services of most companies processing mobile payments, you will notice one unpleasant feature. They all work exclusively with credit cards. PayPal Here has gone much further, giving its customers the opportunity to pay for goods with the help of debit cards.
In addition, why do customers need these cards, if their smartphone has an application from PayPal? They can simply transfer funds to your company’s account through the application by paying the bill. As in the case with Square, there is no need to make monthly payments, which is compensated by an increased commission of 2.7% of the transaction amount.



In the actual rating of mobile payments this service took the first place and did it quite deservedly. Wide and at the same time, simple functionality very successfully combined with the possibility to process the majority of mobile credit cards. As for the commission, for each transaction it will be necessary to pay 1.58% and every month it is necessary to pay 7,59 dollars as a fee for access to the service. You will not have to pay for the card reader.

Google Wallet

google wallet

The world famous Google Wallet allows companies to quickly accept payments. It uses NFC wireless technology. To successfully pay in this way, customers only need to install on your Android smartphone application Google Wallet, after which it will be enough to bring your mobile device to a special reader, and the payment will be completed.
To the account of the seller You can tie your loyalty cards, thus allowing its customers to receive additional rewards and benefits from each purchase. The commission for each transaction is 1.9%.



Mobile communication giant T-MOBILE joined forces with Verizon to create Softcard mobile wallet. Unfortunately, this wallet is not available in all countries, but already now many experts admit that its potential is quite enough to challenge the Google Wallet.
The advantage of this wallet is that there is no need to pay additional fees for transactions. As for the NFC reader, you do not even need to buy it, you can always rent it.

Most importantly, do not forget to provide all your customers with maximum payment options together with our payment service provider PayDo. Get maximum opportunities with minimum commission. Contact us now for more details.

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