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Be step ahead: use all the benefits of online banking with PayDo

Time to read: 4 minute(s)

Today, in most banks, you can use online banking services, which means you can pay bills, make transactions and have access to all transactions in real-time from your phone even using high risk accounts in banking. Without leaving your home, you have access to almost all bank services at any time of the day. It pretty much simplifies everything you do with your finances and here are the main benefits of online banking you get.

Paying Bills Online

Online banking gives you the opportunity to send money to a friend or make purchases in an online store without leaving your home. When you make a payment online, you should not worry that your check will be lost or not saved. One of the advantages of online banking is that you can fill in the recipient data fields once, and then simply select it for future transactions.
Most banks, in order to create the conveniences of online banking for their users, have made it possible to set up automatic payments of a certain amount every month. You can use this feature to pay for rent, a car, or an insurance policy, and for other payments that do not change for months.
As advantages and disadvantages of online banking, you can consider allowing the payee to deduct the amount of money from you automatically. It costs nothing for recipients such as a mortgage loan or an electricity supplier to give such permission, but giving such an opportunity to someone who is not verified can lead to unpleasant consequences. To do this, you will need to go to the company’s website and complete an online login. Further, on the same site, you will go to the billing tab and click on the section where automatic payments are mentioned. In order to complete the transaction, you will need to write the current account number and the routing number of your bank.
The vendor, not the payer, has control over how your account is debited. It’s always better to take advantage of E-Banking and set up a recurring payment, which gives you the confidence that you’re in control of what you pay and who you pay.

Access to Transactions

Anywhere and anytime you need to view your payment and transaction history, you can access them through online banking. This is one of the benefits of e-banking, which is the fastest way to find out if a transaction has been made. It also gives you the ability to track unplanned unauthorized transactions so that you can dispute them instantly.
You can also see pending transactions. This happens, for example, when you send money at the end of a workday for or after it is closed, and therefore the transaction could not be completed yet. Such transactions usually do not display the exact amount of the purchase. For example, if you pay for your dinner at a restaurant with a debit card, then the tip will not be included in the amount of the pending transaction. Only after the bank authorizes the whole payment amount for you, you will see it in your personal account.

Instant Money Transfer to Account

When you are online, the speed of transferring money between accounts is very high. This greatly reduces the service time compared to going to the bank where you will need to provide quite a lot of information.
Of the following advantages of electronic banking, this is the speed of money transfer even with different types of accounts, but in the same bank – up to one day. If you are sending it to another bank, you can expect the payment to be made within 3 days.
If you have other goals for saving money, such as a down payment on a house or paying for a wedding, then you can take the opportunity to open several savings accounts and transfer money from your current account there. In this case, the minimum balance may be lower than that of a current account, or it may not exist at all, therefore one of the advantages of electronic banking is the availability of a minimum deposit.

Mobile Application of the Bank

Almost every bank has developed its own mobile application that makes using online banking even easier. It will be easy for you to check the status of your accounts after shopping, transfer money to other people or be aware of how much the seller can charge you.
The same applications make it possible to enter photos of checks from the front and back sides. But be aware that one of the disadvantages of online banking can be the risk of fraud. To avoid this, make sure you use mobile banking on a secure network. Therefore, you should not check your account on a public network.

Budget Control Applications

If you are still wondering what are the advantages of online banking, then try installing special budget control apps. They sync your online banking to make it easier for you to stick to your budget. This is also convenient if you have a partner or spouse with whom you share the bill. You can sync the information you share.
If you still have doubts about the advantages of electronic banking, then try creating an account with PayDo , which will convince you of the convenience and flexibility of using online financial services. A user-friendly interface and the ability to perform all monetary transactions online will simplify your personal life or business management. Open a bank account in Europe and make unlimited international payments.

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