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Blog  /  Payments  /  What is E-Wallet and Why do You Need One?
Top 6 Digital Wallets 2022

What is E-Wallet and Why do You Need One?

Time to read: 4 minute(s)

Imagine a world where buyers only pay for goods in cash. They are willing to wait in line for several hours just to buy goods in your store. It is very difficult to imagine such a situation in 2020.
Our life is so accelerating that we cannot afford to spend more than a couple of minutes paying for goods and services. At the same time, many companies provide their customers with such an opportunity.
To make a purchase quick and convenient, you just need to pay for it with an electronic wallet. What is an e-wallet? How to use an electronic wallet and whether registration will not be a problem? What is top e-wallet?
We will answer these questions right now.

Who Benefits From Using E-wallets?

There is no doubt that through the use of electronic wallets customers will be able to pay for goods they need in the most convenient way, saving a lot of time and effort. After all, they will not have to hurry anywhere, it is enough to make a couple of simple steps and wait for the delivery of goods. However, electronic wallets are useful to companies themselves. First, by offering its customers a huge number of electronic wallets as a means of payment, your company will be able to stand out from the competition and increase the likelihood that customers will make purchases from you.
Secondly, the use of electronic wallets makes it much more convenient to process payments and allows companies to easily overcome the differences in tax laws, currencies, and other nuances.
The use of electronic wallets brings the sphere of payments to a higher level, where the buyer has the freedom of choice and sellers are not tied to anyone’s payment method.

What are types of e-wallet?

E-wallet is a special application, using which user can quickly pay for purchases online, receive and send payments, check your balance using a smartphone or computer. The owner of an e-wallet has the ability to deposit money directly to this wallet or link it to a bank account or IBAN accounts.
Do not think that free e-wallet is used solely to pay for goods or services, as well as for credit funds. For example, electronic wallets to store crypt currency can store private keys. In some Asian countries, electronic wallets are used for alcohol sales. They are used to determine the age of the buyer.

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic wallets

Of course, each e-wallet company has its own features and nuances. However, we can highlight the general advantages and disadvantages that almost all electronic wallets have.
Let’s start with the advantages, which are much more:

  1. Even a child will understand how to register. It is enough just to follow the instructions and in 5-10 minutes registration will be completed. You will get an answer to the question “How to register for e-wallet?” very quickly and without any problems;
  2. No e-wallet registration fee;
  3. Ability to buy goods in stores around the world;
  4. Currency exchange option at the rate of the payment system;
  5. Ability to issue a virtual card with an unlimited validity period.

The only drawback is the difficulty to restore the profile in the absence of verification of the wallet. In addition, many electronic wallets are cracked by hackers, but the fault is the owners of electronic wallets, which set very simple passwords.

Types of Digital Wallets

A common e-money wallets

Digital wallets are part of a centralized web platform operated by a wallet provider. It allows users to deposit or withdraw funds from their balance using payment instruments stored in an international e-wallet. In addition, they can purchase on e-commerce sites either with their existing e-money or by debiting a saved payment instrument. One such example is the PayDo wallet.
E-wallets have become a staple product for many small businesses. What is the best e-wallet?

Cryptocurrency wallet

A popular e-wallet is a space where digital currency is stored. The data wallet allows you to interact with the blockchain environment to send and receive cryptocurrencies.
These wallets have two essential components: the user’s public and private keys.
Keys act like certificates of ownership of cryptocurrencies that are stored on the blockchain. There are hardware wallets for added security. They operate offline, usually in the form of USB sticks.

Mobile wallets

In the basic configuration, mobile wallets store credit and debit card information for making payments for goods and services online. The card data is stored on a special chip of the mobile device called a secure element.
Users can make payments via POS terminals by interacting with the phone’s secure element through the technology of short-range contactless communication.
In some cases, payment is possible without an Internet connection. The wallet checks the availability of funds or, depending on the amount and risk level of payments, skip the check.
When network access is restored, the wallet will sync the payment information.

Internet of Things wallets

Among the newest varieties of e-wallets are those that interact with the technology of the Internet of Things.
Of course, these wallets differ; Some work with electronic money, others with virtual currencies. Some of them are installed on wearable devices such as watches, bracelets, or jackets, while others work on stationary devices with wallet support, such as a smart refrigerator or a car computer.
Paid services on the Internet of Things are a natural environment for e-wallet technology that is rapidly evolving.

Use All the Advantages of Electronic Wallets To the Maximum

Business owners often use e wallets themselves, so they understand perfectly well, how convenient it is to pay for goods and services. Right now, you can get the most out of electronic wallets by providing your customers with more than 350 payment options.
How to do it? Just contact our company! In addition to all the most popular e-wallets, your customers will get access to bank transfers in 150 countries, payment terminals, Internet banking, payment by cards of all payment systems, bank transfers, and other methods.

PayDo works with various business industries and guarantees a quality service and very loyal tariff plans.

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