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How to accept online payments in 2021?

Top 5 Merchant Account Providers For Small Business

Time to read: 4 minute(s)

If your company is still offering products to customers after the incredible year 2020, it just means you’re really lucky. Thousands of companies have simply shut down and been forgotten about. And we’re not just talking about small firms, but also very large companies that claimed to be industry leaders back in 2019. The crisis did not spare anyone.
On the other hand, 2020 brought the realization of important changes. Today, more and more purchases are being made online every day, and not only the companies themselves, but also the firms that specialize in processing payments have also changed the terms of their services. And these changes are not always for the better for everyone. If you may have worked with a well-known processing company before and the terms of cooperation were acceptable for you, they may turn out to be unprofitable today.
What to do in this situation? Refuse their services and opt for another processor. What to look for while choosing? There is no definite answer. You need to analyze a lot of factors. Still, to save you time, we have chosen several interesting offers from companies that are suitable for small businesses. And the final choice, as always, is up to you.

The best payment processors for small businesses

If we talk about important factors in choosing a processor, it’s worth saying about the quality of technical support, transparency and favorability of pricing terms, and speed of operation. To put it even more simply, for your company the best option would be more functionality at the lowest price. It’s quite reasonable.

Payment Depot

Payment Depot

In addition to a convenient pricing model and affordable rates, Payment Depot offers high quality support on all issues. The reputation of this processor is unquestionable, and you won’t have to calculate the amount of commission you will have to pay.
How do things work with other companies? You will pay a commission per transaction and a small surcharge on the sale. Depending on which package you choose, you will be charged an additional monthly and annual fee.
With Payment Depot, things are much simpler. All of your fees will be factored into the cost of your monthly subscription. And you can easily foresee your costs. Installation is also free, as is the gateway with a virtual terminal.
On the downside, this company doesn’t cater to high-risk and non-U.S. customers.



How to save on commissions and get quality payment processing services as well as additional services such as those that facilitate inventory, customer, time management, analytics, etc. With Fattmerchant, this will be possible.
For transactions up to $500,000, you only have to pay $99 per month and a small amount per transaction, literally $0.08. For payments over $500,000, the fee will be $199 per month
Thanks to the zero markup, companies will be able to save a lot of money. There are also no additional fees for phone orders and other services.
Alas, only U.S. customers can use this company’s services.



PaymentCloud caters to firms that work in high-risk industries. Moreover, the company’s specialists undertake many tasks, which otherwise the client would have to cope with on his/her own. Of course, high-risk clients will have to pay more and this is normal practice. How much more depends on how you negotiate with the company itself.
Equipment rental is free here. There are also no monthly limits. Unfortunately, there are no maintenance prices listed on the company’s website, so you have to contact PaymentCloud to find out. If your company’s risk level is low, you will probably be able to find a more attractive option for the price.



A simple pricing scheme, free equipment and setup, and most importantly, a perfect reputation confirmed by thousands of customers around the world. It’s all about Square. For small businesses, this processor is great for giving you access to a wide range of features beyond just accepting and processing payments.
You’ll be able to accept payments from customers in a variety of ways without having to worry about monthly fees, which are not provided. Generally, you will be able to plan your payment processing costs easily, this firm provides transparent terms and conditions. Alas, it will not provide services to high-risk companies.


With this firm, all prices are transparent and clear. You don’t have to overpay for services that don’t exist, and you don’t have to pay extra fees whose origin is not entirely clear.

The more transactions you conduct, the greater the volume of transactions, the more loyal the commission you pay. All information on prices can be found on the official website. Installation and rental of equipment is free, as well as access to a handy mobile app and other services.

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